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About Us

This is a website that supports The IJsselmeer Region Directorate of Rijkswaterstaat. It is a sector of the public government that aims to manage Ijsselmeer, the freshwater basin wherein the water flows to and then goes to the connecting watersheds and other smaller rivers. We did build a website for the cause of this organization. The gravity of the task at hand is very important because it is the one that is protecting both the people and nature against the possible overflowing of the rivers in the Netherlands.

We are a nonprofit organization that is in partnership with the directorate so that every project that they implement to modify the dikes and the basin itself will be properly disseminated to the people. Whether you are on an Amsterdam holiday or on a dinner cruise in Amsterdam, you are sure to get the memo on these projects.

First of all, we offer support to the cause of the directorate. We know that it is difficult enough to manage the overflow of the waters going to the Netherlands. Someone has to protect the people and nature along the way. And the directorate has a difficult task of making sure that everything is okay.

Second, we are the one in charge of giving the information that people needs regarding the works done by the Directorate. If in case there need to be public works to be done on a specific section of the dike, it is best that they are well coordinated to the people, the business establishments, and other commercial industries that will be affected.