Why Should we Support RDIJ? -

Why Should we Support RDIJ?

The IJsselmeer Region Directorate of Rijkswaterstaat is the sector of government that is in charge of the management of one of the most important freshwater basins in the Netherlands. It has the crucial task of handing the water coming from the rivers and making sure that it will not overflow to the lands and to agriculture in the country which can cause devastation to structures, plants, and even to people.

Why should we support RDIJ

They keep our land safe

The directorate has a task that is so essential to the country that they need all the support that they need. If you have enjoyed your Amsterdam holiday or Amsterdam city trip, it is because you did not have to worry about the flooding of rivers to the cities. It is because they are doing their job well that makes your stay in the cities comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing. It is because of their work that creates an atmosphere of safety for the locals and tourists as well.

They make tourist spots better

If you only see the relaxing part of the waterways and canals in the Netherlands, it is because of the directorate. You can now go on Amsterdam canal tours and just enjoy the scenery of the structures and the river water because the directorate has done its job of managing it so that it will not cause damage to the land.

They are managing unpredictability

For those who have been in the business of predicting the weather, you will know how difficult it is to manage something as big as nature. Rivers flow naturally from the top of the mountains and go to smaller rivers until it reaches the sea or ocean. It is quite difficult to predict when it will have a surge because rains also come and go. Sometimes, rivers can rise up to several meters because a storm has passed a specific place.

Managing the flow of water is fully dependent on forecasts and observations. River levels are quantified so that it will be released when it reaches critical heights. And then, the water will then be delivered through canals and waterways within the city.